Still trying to learn the ropes around here at Medium, I though I would start today with a list to clear my head and my browser. These tools give you added protection against hackers and identity thieves who try to sneak into your system by swiping passwords, piggybacking on your internet connection or exploiting out-of-date software. To change the order of listings in the free” portions of the Start menu, including the All Programs list, just drag the items up and down the lists as you see fit. WPS Office Free’s developer, Kingsoft Office Software, has thrown in some excellent PDF tools as well, plus 1GB free cloud storage for backing up and sharing your work.

Whatever changes you make are reflected in your All Programs menu. You and your family members probably send each other files all the time. You can use it to create data, audio and video discs, burn ISO images, or copy discs. Using lightweight programs to perform most of our tasks means that everything will be faster and also that we can save resources for the rest of the programs that run on the PC. A reminder: If you can’t seem to drag program names around in the All Programs list, it’s probably because you’ve told Windows to auto-alphabetize this list ( Method 1: Drag an icon directly ).

UpKeep’s mobile-first CMMS software makes technicians more agile and maintenance teams more productive. To conclude, these applications are the perfect complement to any antivirus software, and should certainly make up the foundation of your computer maintenance arsenal. For that matter, many good screen recorder software for Windows platform has been developed with each trying to be more superior than the other.

Instead, many programs and applications have sprouted out of the innovative nature of the internet, ready to minimize your effort, and maximize your systems performance and security. At the time of startup, this master file is loaded back into the RAM that speeds up the process manifolds. In addition to that, Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar will go the extra mile of helping you keep in tabs with the computer resources usage, especially the CPU, and other important statistics as they happen in real-time.

You can view your file as raw data using the new hex previewer that is part of this software package. Google Play Music doesnвЂt have an official desktop app, so youвЂll need an open-source solution to listen to music outside of your browser. To access Voice Search click the Cortana icon, above the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner and accept the agreement and you are all set to use this cool feature.

B) In Command Prompt, type the following texts, you’ll see a list of your install programs after a brief moment. Go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options. This lets you send a scan to multiple users for review before starting your recovery. It removes old and obsolete files from the hard drive and along with it, it also removes the leftover files of the uninstalled applications. If this doesn’t work for some reason, then you might try the following: Navigate to Display Properties then Appearance then Effects and turn off the option titled Show menu shadow.

If the default file associations don’t work for you, you can change them by right-clicking on a file and selecting the ‘Open with’ option. VeraCrypt – VeraCrypt is a free open source disk encryption software for Windows, Mac OSX Check More and Linux. That said, the app does a great job of presenting a number of easy-to-pick presets that should cover most of your video conversion scenarios. Out of the box, Internet Explorer puts your downloaded files into the Downloads folder (which is inside your Personal folder).

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